About Young Anglicans

Young Anglicans serves the Anglican Church in North America, working to make effective Christ-centered ministry to teenagers thrive in every diocese and every congregation. In general, by the grace of God, we are in a time of expansion, with programs growing every year and new initiatives starting regularly.  God has amply blessed Young Anglicans and the ministry that we are involved in, and we remain very grateful to Him and to the leadership of the ACNA for the opportunity to serve our Church and our churches’ adolescents. 


We rejoice in the gospel of God through which we have been saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. Because God first loved us

We strive for exceptional youth ministry in all Anglican churches in North America and believe the following components

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Seven things consumed our attention in 2018

Gathering of Anglican youth leaders - in Nashville in October. Forty-five ACNA youth ministers met with Archbishop Beach to talk, plan and pray.

Engage - Our continued effort to resource youth ministry in small churches.

Seminary level youth ministry course - Our course at TSM in June was the first youth ministry course at an Anglican seminary in at least a decade.

GAFCON’s international children’s and youth minister’s network - we helped lead the development of this network.

Recruiting youth ministers - We began the development of a system to recruit and deploy youth ministers for the churches of the ACNA.

Sanctity of Life Summit for students (ySummit) - Planning for the first ACNA youth event in conjunction with the March for Life.

Provincial Youth Gathering - Planning for this event to be held in June in Dallas in conjunction with the Provincial Assembly.

In 2019, we have four big events scheduled as well as ongoing efforts to advance ministry to young people in the ACNA.

ySummit Washington, DC - March For Life Youth Event January 17, 2019 we will co-sponsor (with Anglicans for Life, Anglican Global Mission Partners, and the Dioceses of the Mid-Atlantic, New England, Midwest Anglicans, and REC Northeast and Mid-Atlantic), a youth conference in conjunction with the Washington, DC, March for Life.

Provincial Youth Gathering in 2019 - National Conference and Mission Trip The Provincial Youth Gathering will take place in Plano in June of 2019. This will be in conjunction with the Provincial Assembly and will include a three-day conference and a four-day youth mission trip in the Dallas area.

RE:Mix - Student Missions Conference On September 27-29, together with New Wineskins and Rock the World Youth Mission Alliance, we are hosting the Re:Mix student missions conference at New Wineskins conference in Ridgecrest, North Carolina.

National Anglican Youth Workers Conference Our annual Anglican youth workers conference will be in Chicago (October 2-5), for 3 full days of networking, teaching, prayer, conversation and planning and training at the Rooted national youth ministry conference.

In addition We are working to train, network, resource, and recruit youth ministers, and advocating for ministry to adolescents at the congregational, diocesan, and provincial level through programs like:

• The “Engage” initiative, which provides a model for youth ministry that is tuned to small churches and church plants. It is centered on training adults to read the Bible with teenagers and works to create diocesan level structures to support ministry to teenagers.

• Our partnership with Campus Ministry Link - Campus Ministry Link has put together a web accessible database of Christian college ministries, (including Anglican Ministries) that allows incoming students to connect to ministries on their campuses.

•Agape Year, our Anglican gap year program for graduating high school seniors, provides a year of intense discipleship and international missions experience before their first faith-challenging year in college.

• Youth ministry training through webinars and podcasts, all available on the web on younganglicansproject.com and younganglicans.com

• Our regional youth ministry networking calls.

• Our ongoing effort to start a Anglican Seminary Youth Ministry Master of Arts program.

• Several budding partnerships with Christian undergraduate schools to create Anglican studies programs for youth, college and children’s ministers.

• An upcoming Diocesan Youth Ministry Coordinators Training in 2020.

God is abundantly blessing Young Anglicans and the ministry that we are involved in and we remain very grateful to Him and to the leadership of the ACNA for the opportunity to serve our Church and our churches’ adolescents.